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How to Disguise Your Oil Tank

Even though your Oil Tank may have many benefits, it can look out of place in your garden. Especially if it is situated in an open area. In this blog we go over the best ways to draw attention away from your Oil Tank.


Nothing will look more at home in your garden that plants and flowers, not only do they look lovely but over time they will do a great job of hiding your tank. Plants will act as a camouflage and really help your tank blend into the background. The best plants to get are climbing foliage, they are quick at growing and will provide great coverage. If you choose this option it’s important to keep in mind space, don’t put your plants too near your Oil Tank as they could affect the foundations it is on or even block your entry.


If your Oil Tank is located nearer your property, for instance on the side of your house, fences work a treat! When choosing a fence try to match the tone with the surroundings, otherwise it could make your Oil Tank stand out even more. Some materials will work better than others so make sure you experiment. This is also a great time to ask friends and family if they found fences beneficial for their Oil Tank. When installing the fence around your tank it’s important to make sure the top is not covered, meaning you are not restricted when a new oil delivery arrives.

Shed Effect

If your Oil Tank is on the larger scale, then this method will look great. When working with the shed effect the idea is to focus on perspective, you need to give the impression of a normal shed. When creating your tank covering it’s important that you do not cover any access points. Which is why it’s wise to not include a roof, saving you hassle in the long run.

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