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How to Prepare Your Oil Tank for Winter

With the temperature dropping and many people starting to turn on their heating, now is the perfect time to fully assess your tank to make sure it is ready for the Winter months. In this blog we are going to be going over out top tips for checking your tank.

Check Your Oil Level

Before you do anything, you must make sure that you know how much heating oil to order, we suggest completing a thorough measurement and plan how much you will need for the Winter months. Chances are you will have some left over from last year but it’s best to plan ahead.

Check for Damage

As we don’t need our tank during Summer you will have probably not even given it a second thought. However, it’s crucial you complete a full tank inspection to assess any damage that might have occurred. This could be cracks, breaks in any seals or even your lock not working anymore. If you come across rust, this could be a sign that you require a new tank, here at Replace My Tank, we have a wide range of state-of-the-art tanks that can be suited to all homes.

Lock It up

In Winter crime is always going to be higher and although you might not think of it, your heating oil could be a prime target for burglars to steal and sell on for a profit. We suggest you invest in a sturdy lock and even CCTV to put any intruders off in the first place. If you have a lock currently, it could have seized up due to the adverse weather conditions so if it is sticking it’s best just to replace it.

Protect it

In Winter Snow and Ice can affect your tank if it falls on it. If you are getting a new tank you need to take into consideration where you are placing it as to not put it somewhere that your tank could be subjected to falling objects. Make sure to put it in a clear area away from your home and any trees. This will improve its life span and save you money on repairs.


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